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The cattery was unusually quiet earlier in the year but we were not alone.  Across the country catteries were experiencing the same situation and we hoped that in fact neutering was beginning to make a difference.  Nobody quite understood what was going on!  However we are now back to normal and full again and all the usual problems continue.

We seem to be getting more difficult cases with an increase in injured, sick or pregnant animals arriving.  Just recently we have found loving homes for two 3-legged cats, and two other cats came to us actually giving birth!  These two lovely cats are still only 8 months old and were too young to be mums.  Sadly their babies died but they are now in very good shape and looking for a loving home together.

Kitten season seems a little later this year, again we don’t understand why,  but we have plenty looking for good homes.

We are pleased to say that our bull breed neutering scheme, which was widened to take in all types of bull breeds, does seem to be taking effect and we are considering opening this scheme for other breeds at some point.



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