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Happy Endings

Some of our success stories


Cute Kits!

JULY Kit 2

You won’t believe this but we have all found great homes.  Thank you!!!


mmm what next? Rick and AshleyI'm Jemima - helloI'm Jaffa peek a boo!I'm Fergie - in pensive mood


look into my beautiful eyes!

This little sweety has found her forever home

Don't you think I'm beautiful?I'd love a home with youLook at my beautiful eyes!



APR Theo 1

I’m off to my new home! Can’t wait

I'm a bit shy........


APR Oscar 1

Yeah man – new home for me!

Yeah Man!


APR Ralph 1
Gorgeous with only 3 legs :-)

I am sooo happy that someone wanted me with only 3 legs!  Thank you so much

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loving, sweet, gentle, what more could you want!


JUNE Twiggy 2

Beautiful and loving girl

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