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Mrs. Paws

Mrs. Paws

A very sweet little girl

Breed: DSH
Age: 10+
Gender: Female
Good with Kids: *Unknown*
Live with Cats: No
Live with Dogs: No

More Information

I’m known as Mrs. Paws – very posh you might say but I like it!  I’m an older lady and have been a stray so came to the cattery with a few problems that are now being dealt with.  I am a very loving girl who needs a lap to sleep on!  My friends want a LOVING FOSTER HOME in the Maidstone Area for me so I can enjoy Homelife but still be seen by my local vet.  Please can you help me??  I would need to be the only cat in the home and would be happy to spend some time alone if you work. A safe garden for me to snooze in would be just perfect.  Please don’t pass me by! 


my dreamy lookwatching you!
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please find me a loving foster home soon❤️

Mrs. Paws

JUNE Mrs Paws 1

A very sweet little girl

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