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Lovely pair just need a loving and caring home

Breed: DSH
Age: 4/5-7/8
Gender: Male
Good with Kids: No
Live with Cats: No
Live with Dogs: *Unknown*

More Information

Hi – I’m Zippy (Silver Tabby/White) and I’m telling our story.  I’m about 7/8 years and Bungle is about 4/5 years.  We were both left to starve without food or water with lots of other cats when our owner just abandoned us all.  We are now doing much better and gaining weight.  It was very traumatic and affected our physical and mental health but with all our lovely carers we are making good progress. We have paired up and have become good friends so please can we stay together.  Our feeding regime is still bland with small meals 2/3 times daily.  We don’t want to live with other cats or children as we really need a quiet and understanding home to grow in confidence and move on from our awful past. Bungle had an old break in his tail which over time has fixed itself.  He is in no pain – just has a curly tail!  We would love a garden to lounge in and promise to give our love to anyone who gives us a loving and peaceful home.

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