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Sable and Oakley

Sable and Oakley

Nervous but loving pair need loving and patient home

Breed: *Unknown*
Age: 2 years
Gender: Various
Good with Kids: Yes
Live with Cats: Yes
Live with Dogs: *Unknown*

More Information

We are two loving cats that came from a multi-cat household where life was difficult.  We are timid and shy and might hiss when we first meet you but we don’t have a nasty bone in us – just nervous!  We want to stay together and we need a loving, quiet home to grow in confidence over time.  Children need to be under 10 years old because we are timid and we will need a garden to play in when we are more confident to go outside. Please, if you think you could give us that quiet, loving and patient home get in touch with our friends now! We are waiting!

Please home me with OakleyJULY Oakley
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