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Lovebug if a little naughty sometimes

Breed: DSH
Age: 2-3
Gender: Male
Good with Kids: Yes
Live with Cats: *Unknown*
Live with Dogs: *Unknown*

More Information

Hi I’m Shadow.  Firstly let me be honest…. I’m young and love to hunt . My last owners didn’t like me bringing them home gifts so I came to the RSPCA to find a home where I can be myself even if it’s a little naughty at times.

So guys let me introduce myself, I’m Shadow and I think you’ll agree I’m a handsome chap. I’m 2/3 years old and I love attention and a cuddle. I really don’t mind children but I will of course need my own access to the big wide world outside and be given time to do my thing. In return I will love you and will stay loyal to my family.

So come on someone must want to adopt me. Please email the peeps at the cattery and someone will get back to you


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Shadow looking for love and some fun

I'm 2-3 years and will love you to bits

Please visit me and my friends.